Eve: Thinking About

DoloresArt 2014, “Eve:Thinking About”, Diptych by Maria Dolores Cattaneo

Artist Statement
“Eve imagining her home out of the Garden of Eden”

You can imagine a lot of things about what Eve is thinking about, things like:
“Do I really love Adam?” or:
“Do I have to eat the apple?” or:
“What is going to happen to both of us, when God will punish our fault?”.
But I think in the very deepness of her soul, Eve is thinking mostly about her new home out of the Garden of Eden, she’s imagining that tiny lonely home you can see in the center of the composition.
Eve, the very first woman who had to leave her home against her will, thinks about a lot of things of her previous life, but above all she knows very well she will never come home again, she will never come back to the Garden of Eden.
What is she thinking about?
I still don’t know if that little home I’ve drawn in my painting is the home she left, or the home she’s imagining, or both together.

This painting was exhibited only once in the group exhibition “Garden of Eden”, held in DoloresArt Laboratory in Palazzo Viti, Volterra, April 10 – June 15 2014.

DoloresArt 2014, Eve: Thinking About, right panel, detail: eyes

“Eve:Thinking About”, right panel, detail: the little home